Visitors may access the exhibition halls up to one hour before the Scuderie del Quirinale closes. It is not possible either to enter the building or to use the box office facilities after that time;

Visitors must hand in all large bags and backpacks, helmets, umbrellas, and pointed or blunt objects at the cloakroom before commencing their visit. The Scuderie del Quirinale’s reception staff are the sole judges of an item’s bulkiness and/or potential danger to security;

 may use their mobile phones/devices to take phtographs and to consult applications while visiting the exhibition; please make sure the device’s volume is turned right down and that it emits no sound likely to disturb other visitors. As a mark of respect for all visitors, no phone calls may be made or received in the exhibition halls.

 may not enter the building accompanied by animals of any shape or size;

 may move freely within the building, its exhibition halls and its commercial areas, taking care to ensure that their conduct does not disturb or endanger either other people or exhibits; passages may not be obstructed and care must be taken not to hinder the free transit of people or things; 

Visitors may spend as much time as they choose in the halls, taking care to stay at least one metre away from  exhibits and to avoid touching showcases or other items comprising the exhibition layout; 

Visitors may take notes and/or draw in the exhibition halls, but the use of fountain pens and/or felt-tip pens is strictly prohibited;

Visitors may not consume  food or beverages in areas set aside for rest or transit; smoking  anywhere in the building is strictly prohibited; 

While visitors may take amateur photographs in the exhibition halls using a mobile phone or a hand-held camera, photography using either a flash or a tripod is strictly prohibited;

 may not distribute promotional material unless they have filed a specific application with the appropriate Ales Spa offices and that application has been approved, granting them explicit permission to do so.