• Admission is allowed on the day and at the time indicated on the ticket. It is not possible to change the ticket for any different time.
  • The hall staff may ask visitors to slow down or speed up their visit in the event of an excessive number of visitors inside one or more exhibition rooms.
  • Scuderie del Quirinale ensure adequate cleaning of environments and surfaces with detergent and disinfectant products and suitable procedures, with particular attention to toilets and objects that are frequently touched by visitors along the tour.
  • The air conditioning system of Scuderie del Quirinale ensures filtering and continuous and regular air exchange in all environments.
  • All visitors are advised not to bring helmets, travel bags or larger bags and bulky or potentially dangerous objects inside Scuderie del Quirinale.
  • The use of the lift is reserved, for safety and courtesy, for people with disabilities and their accompanying persons.
  • The audio guide service is active exclusively by our free App to be downloaded to your device and can only be used in the exhibition with the aid of your own earphones.

The rules are valid for all visitors, individuals and groups.