From mid-October at Scuderie del Quirinale will take place “Favoloso Calvino”. The exhibition is designed as a journey through the life, the choices, the political and civil commitment, the places and, above all, the literary production and the writing method of Italo Calvino.

There will be shown more than two hundred art works such as: paintings, sculptures, drawings and illustrations by dozens of artists from the Renaissance to today, medieval illuminated manuscripts, tapestries, photographs and portraits of the author and many first editions of Italo Calvino’s books. Scuderie del Quirinale’s halls will live on all Calvinian themes: from the cosmopolitan imprint to the international openness of scientific research, from his interest for contemporary urban modernity to the cosmogonic projections proposed by astronomy, without forgetting the horizons of his fairy-tale imagination. In the exhibition images, art works and objects are always connected to the writer’s words and texts.